Use of Virtual Reality to Spike in Near Future

Use of Virtual Reality to Spike in Near Future

Virtual reality is driving some people nuts. The 3D experience that it provides is being enjoyed and praised by an increasing number of users. The virtual reality experience is coupled with anxiety as the user is immersed in the experience and feels as if he is involved himself in whatever appears before him.

VR Use to Soar by 2020:

Despite the anxiety associated with virtual reality, the use of VR headsets is expected to soar. There are about 3.3 million VR headsets in the US at present but the figure could spike to 52.3 million by the year 2020, the report that has quoted these figures does not include the cardboard devices like Google Cardboard in the estimates quoted.

Barriers to VR Revolution:

However, there are numerous barriers to the VR revolution. The major barrier is that the vast majority of PCs do not have the graphics card which is necessary to connect with high-end VR devices. The graphics card that would enable such a connection would cost the users an extra $1,000. The high-end VR experience faces competition from the VR that is offered by smartphones and by the Google Cardboard. The Google Cardboard offers some aspects of virtual reality for just $15.

Google Cardboards- Mixed Blessing:

The report that predicted that the use of VR headsets would soar by 2020 also stated that Google Cardboard may be a mixed blessing for the VR market. Google Cardboard lacks the immersive features which include 3D sound, low latency and a wide viewing angle that high-end VR devices offer. As a result of these lacking, some of the Cardboard experimenters would want to see more and thus, would upgrade to real hardware, while others might not find a big deal and would put off getting a true VR possibly for years.

Travel Industry and VR:

It is not just the individual demand for VR that is contributing to an increasing VR use. The travel industry has brought VR in exceptionally creative use.

The travel agencies show their clients the sites and the accommodations in pictures on their iPads and laptops and also take their clients virtual tours so they can have a better idea of their destination and accommodation.

But, Ultimate Jet Vacations wanted to offer clients a unique marketing tool, and thus, it partnered with YouVisit which is a leading virtual reality company and with its hotel partners and created VR tours to promote properties and resorts.

When the user takes this virtual reality tour, they feel as if they are at the place physically and they can look around the place to see its suitability for them.

Other Industries and VR:

Just like Ultimate Jet Vacations, many other companies are trying to incorporate virtual reality in their businesses. With all that is happening to date, it seems as if the prediction would turn into a reality.

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Updated: January 24, 2019 — 10:11 am