Obama and the World’s Fastest Computer

Currently, China is the king in the computer world.

The United States’ President, Barrack Obama, wishes to change this.

President Obama wants the United States to develop the fastest computer of the world.

He has ordered the development of this particular computer to be completed by 2025.
Obama and the World’s Fastest Computer

Obama and the World’s Fastest Computer

It is said that the building of this computer would definitely be a challenge to the dominance of China over the world of computers.

The United States wants to Beat China:

Today, the fastest computer of the world is the top model, the Tianhe-2 and is housed in the National Computer Center of China. Obama wishes to develop a computer which would be twenty times faster than this model. He has also signed an order for the formation National Strategic Computer Initiative (NSCI) which will be in charge of the development of this computer.

A Lot of Investment Required:

While talking to BBC, Mark Parsons of the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center expressed his views. He said that the United States has reached to a point where in order to remain in the fastest computer race, it will have to invest a lot.

What Benefits would This Bring to the U.S?

The benefits of this fastest computer were discussed in an article that appeared on the White House Website. It mentioned that this quick and powerful computer would allow the United States to analyze the data more effectively. And it also mentioned that the befits of this computer would be of immense help for the Medical Research as well. This quicker and more efficient way of analyzing the big data will in result help the development of numerous fields. For example, better weather analysis and predictions which would help in prevention of damage and casualties in extreme weather conditions.

The ultra-fast computer will also be of great use to the NASA for development of more accurate and effective air craft designs.

A statement from the White House was released that this step has been taken in order to counter the increasing demand of computers and to provide the United States a sustained leadership in the future.

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Updated: April 20, 2019 — 10:03 am