New species were discovered in Human Lineage

Two years ago, South African scientist explored the crack in a limestone wall that was present in the depth of rising star cave where they found a huge bundle of ancient bones.
New species were discovered in Human Lineage

New species were discovered in Human Lineage

The residue covered the entire floor of earth beyond the fine opening.

According to scientists it was a dark and large chamber that consist the bodies of dead of an earlier unknown species of the previous human lineage known as homo naledi.

The international team on Thursday announced the new hominin species.

According to scientist lee, who is an American paleoanthropologist and human evolution studies professor working at the university of Witwatersrand.

He said that the new species known as H. naledi actually refer to the dark cave where they found the undistributed bones laid for a longer period of time. He further stated that, in the local Sesotho language “naledi” refers to “star”.

The researcher stated in the journal eLife that more than 1550 elements of fossil were documenting the exploration comprised the huge sample related to any hominin species in an individual African site. Additionally, the scientists stated that probably this sample is a minute fraction of the fossil that is discovered from the chamber. However, the team of scientists has found almost 15 parts of individuals.

According to Dr.Berger, Homo naledi is actually the well known fossil member of the group of lineage because the entire body contains similar bones present in a body multiple times.

In addition, introducing a new individual of the family of prehuman was also a trend. The exploration suggested that few early hominins purposely place dead bodies of their loved ones in far and remote areas. These areas also include the huge inaccessible chambers of cave. Such behavior was considered to be restricted to present humans.

Few scientists stated that this is a ritual which is used as a treatment to the bodies of dead people. While saying ritual their actual intention was to explain the repeated and deliberate practice carried out by those early hominins. This was not essentially a type of religious right.

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Updated: April 25, 2019 — 9:09 am