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Download Wondershare QuizCreator 3.2.2 for Free

Download Wondershare QuizCreator Free

Great tool for the creation of exam tests Wondershare QuizCreator is a great tool for teachers with which they can create, in a matter of minutes, very complete questionnaires of all kinds. The program works by relying on a very visually pleasing and fully functional interface in which the accessibility of all its elements and […]


Download Jmol 14.2.4 Free

Download Jmol

3D molecule viewer developed in Java Download JMol: This is a multi-platform software developed in Java that allows to obtain a three-dimensional vision of a chemical structure. The atoms that make up the compounds can be observed from virtually any angle. Jmol is mainly composed of a desktop tool (Jmol) and a web browser add-on […]


Download Stellarium 0.18.2 Free

Download Stellarium

Look at the sky with this impressive planetarium If you do not have a telescope with which to explore the sky, Stellarium is a perfect substitute for this tool, since it allows you to observe the sky as seen from Earth. Stellarium is ideal to know more details of the constellations, planets, stars, nebulas and […]


Download CmapTools 6.02 (32-bit) Free


Tool to create conceptual web maps A conceptual map is a phenomenal tool to explain complex concepts and theories that consist of several main ideas that are related to each other. There are excellent applications to develop concept maps, such as DIA (GNU) or Info Rapid Knowledgeable (Shareware), but not as practical and advanced as […]