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Great tool for the creation of exam tests

Wondershare QuizCreator is a great tool for teachers with which they can create, in a matter of minutes, very complete questionnaires of all kinds.

The program works by relying on a very visually pleasing and fully functional interface in which the accessibility of all its elements and the possibility of using more advanced configuration options are perfectly combined.

Basically, the management of Wondershare QuizCreator is divided into several steps spread over tabs.

First we will create or import the questionnaire to add as many questions as we want later.

There is a wide variety of formulas for the questions, being able to establish a single correct answer, several, fill empty fields, relate by arrows and some other possibility.

Once we have the total number of questions we want to make, we will have the possibility to select a background theme to give color to the test.

Ultimately, we will create the test, selecting one of the various modes that the program supports (EXE, Flash, HTML, Acces )

Limitations: Insert a watermark in the created questionnaires.

Download Wondershare QuizCreator Free

Download Wondershare QuizCreator Free

Wondershare QuizCreator
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