Download Jmol 14.2.4 Free

3D molecule viewer developed in Java

Download JMol: This is a multi-platform software developed in Java that allows to obtain a three-dimensional vision of a chemical structure.

The atoms that make up the compounds can be observed from virtually any angle.

Jmol is mainly composed of a desktop tool (Jmol) and a web browser add-on (JmolApplet) that allows you to explore the molecular structures housed on any page.

Jmol also includes its own utility to generate a web page from a file compatible with the program and allows adding some details to the 3D view of the structures, among them: measurements between atoms or the symbol, the number and the name of the element chemical they represent.

Animations and vibrations are two operations that Jmol can carry out on molecular structures.

The file formats that the program can generate as output are the following: JPG, PNG, PPM, PDF and PovRay.

Download Jmol 14.2.4 Free

Download Jmol 14.2.4 Free

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Updated: September 29, 2018 — 10:45 am