Beautify Your Clicks by iPhone with Zeiss

Beautify Your Clicks by iPhone with Zeiss

Beautify Your Clicks by iPhone with Zeiss

You must know about the add-on lenses for smart phones? That have been developed to enhance the results of the camera of your smart phones. Well, these lenses have never really proved to enhance the camera results.

uptil now.

Zeiss, the optics company in collaboration with ExoLens has developed Zeiss branded lenses to beautify the pictures captured with the iPhone cameras. The Zeiss-branded mobile lenses are specially designed for the iPhone’s interchangeable lens bracket system. There are three of these lenses; the Mutar 0.6x Asph T* wide-angle, Mutar 2.0x Asph T* telephoto, and Vario Proxar macro zoom. All three use the optic design by Zeiss that is very well known for quality. The mounting system of these lenses is the same as the existing variants of the ExoLens that screw onto a metal bracket that slips onto the iPhone 6/6S and 6 Plus/6S Plus. Black anodized aluminum is used for the making of
these lenses. This is to reduce reflections and light transmission.

According to the officials form the optics company, these new lenses have a wide angle and are telephoto. With these the user gets superb image performance and edge-to-edge contrast that is outstanding. A unique feature of zoom function is offered by the macro lens to provide a flexible composition for the image.

Even though the original ExoLens lenses do not improve the image quality but with Zeiss, it has developed something different. Something that actually works, this can be said by looking at the sample images posted by the optics company.

Out of these three, the lens most suitable for architectural shots and landscapes is The Mutar 0.6x Asph T* Wide-
Angle lens. It uses aspherical design for minimal distortion and features an full-frame equivalent of an 18mm lens. Offering an equivalent focal length of approximately 56mm, the Mutar 2.0x Asph T* lens is the best choice for lifestyle photography and portraits. And last but definitely not the least; the Vario Proxar is perfect for macro style photography.

On 16th june, 2016, ExoLens with Optics by Zeiss wide-angle lens kits have been made available for $200 at Apple retail stores and online. The other two lenses will be available for purchase later this year.

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