Apple has had Big Things in Mind for its Apple TV

Apple has had Big Things in Mind for its Apple TV

Apple has had Big Things in Mind for its Apple TV

On 12th September, 2006, Apple released it Apple TV as iTV. At this stage Steve Jobs referred to this feature as a hobby or an experiment.

Despite what Steve Jobs said, it seems like that Apple always had something big in mind for this feature that was at the time of its launch referred as an experiment.

This launched feature was a great hit and now is a multi-million dollar business for Apple.

The fact that Apple had big plans for their Apple TV became evident when Walter Isaacson, former Time editor and Jobs’ biographer was told, by Steve Jobs himself that he was finally successful in cracking television.

Steve Jobs’ according to the biographer describe an integrated TV that would very smoothly sync with devices and even iCloud.

The key to Apple TV’s future will be the apps, said Tim Cook and Eddie Cue, CEO and Vice President of Apple.

At this year’s Worldwide Conference, it was notified by them that now there are altogether 1300 video channels, 6000 apps by Apple and 650,000 movies and TV shows on user demands. With so many native apps in Apple TV, this has,
in the market, become the most popular external TV box.

The aim behind Apple TV is to replace the cable boxes.

Apple TV gives its users services that are not normally provided by the cable operators like hundreds of choices in channels plus it also offers thousands of TV based apps.

Apple will be able to completely replace the cable boxes if it succeeds in providing the users with live and local television.

Apple came a step closer to its aim after shaking hands with Sling TV. Through Sling TV, the users can watch the most popular channels, live. For just $20 per month the users can watch ESPN, CNN and The Disney Channel.

Before the partnership with Sling TV, the Apple TV users were offered channels with video on demand but now with the latest Apple TV users can access live TV stations.

It is very similar to the service provided by the cable companies but the difference will be that Apple TV will let you watch live TV over the internet.

To further enhance the apple TV and replace the cable boxes, local content has to be provided to the users. Negotiations are being carried out to bring the local content to your Apple TV but it has not yet succeeded.

If Apple successfully negotiates to bring in the local content to it then it will surely replace the cable boxes.

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Updated: January 24, 2019 — 10:28 am