You Can Browse Youtube Video Without Internet

GOOD NEWS Zvtha Google announcing the launch of the application “YouTube goo”, which aims to expand the possibility of exchanging video files and watch them without the need for Internet connection.

The new application is designed taking into Alaattabar, users in India , where it will be tested through them initially before its launch on a scale wide. the goal of the “You Tube goo” in activating Videos more in vulnerable areas connect to the Internet. the application allows users to save videos for later viewing, without contact Balanturnt, also allows – sharing videos with local users without the need to enter any data state.

Youtube Goo

you can browse youtube goo video without internet

Adopts design application on the viewing feature smart without Anturnt, launched by YouTube for the first time in India through earlier this year, according to Arab News.

She said Joanna Raat, Vice President Director of YouTube products: “apply” You-Tube goo “aims to help the next generation of users enjoy watching videos and share Alachrin, has been designed for use with ease on a mobile phone without the need to connect to the Internet. The Google announced its application” YouTube goo “through the event , which was held in Delha, where the company unveiled several new products destined for the Indian market .

Users can participate in India is currently testing the application “You Tube goo”, but the company did not announce the date of the application officially launched in India or anywhere else

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