Write a Unique and Better Content

Write an article like you are speaking to someone.

Don’t think you’re writing this for SEO, Google Search Engine Or ranking.

Don’t think to much while writing that it will be spam or something while writing on your website its just a keyword.

If you are talking to some specific person in your article you can use specific wording while using specific wording google will not harm your site because while talking to someone you cant explain without using that specific wording,

So make sure that when u write an article online you should write as you are talking to a person.

Write a Unique and Better Content

Write a Unique and Better Content

Just like i am doing right now, and while doing it i have written two paragraphs this is effect off talking to someone in your article.

It makes your article more attractive and SEO friendly,

And Google Will not Span as It loves your article.

And while Doing this i have Completed paragraphs.

Don’t worry just kidding, i’m trying to say you about the benefits of speaking to someone in your article, I am not just writing it or trying to divert it with Tool For SEO Expressionless Emotion this is the most worst part of any article Writing.

I Have seeing even Professional Doing this They Don’t hire people but the Rewrite the old articles.

They are not professional they just try to blind fold google that are trying to mess up with environment of SERP

I can hope that you have understood what i am talking about what are the benefits of writing to speaking to some one at the same time in your article.

And yes i have written 300+ words just to make you understand one tips you can imagine then how many words you can extend out from a topic.

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