Will Smith Regrets Being a Part of Wild Wild West

Will Smith is a big name in Hollywood. In summer of 1999, he was the king of Hollywood after his films Bad Boys, Independence Day, and Men in Black. He expected that his reign on Hollywood would continue with the release of his big budget movie, Wild Wild West on 4th July that summer. However, the anticipated hit was a complete flop and was a big blow to the king’s career.

Will Smith Regrets Being a Part of Wild Wild West

Will Smith Regrets Being a Part of Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West was a Big Flop:
Wild Wild West was a science fiction movie which was based on a TV show. It crashed badly among the audiences and the critics. Will Smith himself states that it was, without any doubt, a blow that made him to rethink about his career.

Hunger for Stardom:
Will Smith confessed that, after Wild Wild West, his hunger for stardom and fame overtook his artistic concerns at a Cannes Lions festival session. He said that he wanted to win and also become the biggest movie star. What happened with Wild Wild West was a lag. He said that he found himself promoting something just because he wanted to win rather than promoting something because he believed in. he concluded by saying it was in the hand of fans. He had to be in tune with the needs of his fans and he could not trick them into going to see Wild Wild West.

An Year Wasted:
Last November, the actor discussed in The Hollywood Reporter how the 1999 flop which the actor had opted to make instead of taking on the role of Neo in The Matrix had helped him reshape his outlook on success and failure. He said that the first time where it did not work out the way he had wanted was Wild Wild West. He was coming off of Men in Black and was confident that he just could not lose but after Wild Wild West, it was a tragedy. He added that you never know with a movie. You can love it and you could have done what you thought was the best work you had ever done, and when you put it out, everybody hates it and a year or so from your career is gone.

After Earth:
He told Esquire in early 2015 that no matter how hard the reception of Wild Wild West hurt, it was next to nothing as compared to his later misfire which was 2013’s After Earth. He said that Wild Wild West was less painful as compared to After Earth because his son was involved in After Earth and he had led him into it. That was excruciating.

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