WhatsApp released a new update carries a wonderful feature

WhatsApp released a new update

WhatsApp released a new update

Launched the application WhatsApp released a new update.

This update for users of Apple devices;

Allows them to send a voice or a call message via the application by voice commands “Siri” service without the need to click on the screen.

App Store

It allows the new update, which bears the number “2:16:10” is now available in the app store;

And has a volume of 84.2 MB, performance of a conversation, or send a voice message directly from the lock screen, without having to open the application

According to published on 24 news.

Phones And Windows

As happens with the copy “WhatsApp” for phones and Windows,

Users can send pictures and videos to the contacts listed in WhatsApp inside the talks.

In addition, the new App allows users to watch any of the conversations that contain messages still unread,

As the update also allows sending messages to several different applications at once at a time Himself.

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