WhatsApp Allows More Disturbing in Its Fistory Featurette

WhatsApp Update

Enter the application WhatsApp new update is perhaps the most irritating to users through the possibility of calling a person exists within the Group Chat although activation of mute chats property. These will feature the best way to deal with large numbers of users within chats groups.


He also added WhatsApp Another feature related to respond to specific messages within the chat group, and states that the application provides an opportunity mute chat groups for a specific period or indefinitely. But the new feature will allow the participants in the talks back against their will. It seems that the only way to stop the activation of this feature is to leave the whole group chat, or turn off notifications from an application Whats-App.


Users must request , or select someone from the group by sending an @ symbol and then write the name specified to show a list containing the names of the people in the chat group.

It is noteworthy that this feature already exists in some applications such as Slack and Talegram, as Whats-App focused on a range of other features such as the ability to exchange.

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