What to Expect From Batman Vs Superman?

After a long wait that seemed to be never ending, finally comes an official announcement about the title of Batman vs Superman. Warner Bros. Pictures has disclosed the title ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ for the upcoming movie starring comic heroes, Batman and Superman.

What to Expect From Batman Vs Superman

What to Expect From Batman Vs Superman
Batman and Superman are the most loved comic heroes. These super heroes have been entertaining previous generations and they have managed to maintain the charm even today. Their movies have been loved by the kids yesterday and the kids today are eager to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice with the same impatience and anxiety. May 6th 2016 seems to be too long to wait and the hype is already at its peak right after the official word from Warner Bros. Pictures.

The Hype:

As soon as the official word from Warner Bros. Pictures about Batman vs Superman came out, the fans have gotten into heavy debates regarding the title and what it implicates. The Batman is intended to be the antagonist due to the destruction that Superman caused in the end of the film, Man of Steel. Furthermore, it explains the closeness that Bruce Wayne shares with Lex Luthor. Both businessmen seemed to be worried about the arrival of the Batman. However, the methodology of both businessmen about the approach is entirely different.

Batman vs Superman is expected to be the best thing to happen in the comic book film after the tagline of Captain America which was the The First Avenger.

The Cast:

Director of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Synders declared that the shooting is in full swing for the film. It is the most anticipated action, adventure movie that has ever come from Zack Synders.

Henry Cavil is to play Clark Kent that is Superman, and Ben Affleck is to play Bruce Wayne, the Batman. Gal Gadot is a part of the film too and would be playing Diana Prince, the Wonder Woman with Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams and Diane Lane who is returning from Man of Steel. Jesse Eisenberg is to act as Lex Luthor, Alfred is being played by Jeremy Irons and Holly Hunter is to act for a role that has been newly created for the film.

Director of Man of Steel-, Zack Synder is coming up with the masterpiece of all times. He has brought together two of the most famous and most loved super heroes, Batman and Superman together. Something incredible is on its way. The superheroes of all times will appear together on the big screen for the very first time!

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