Why Every SEO Specialist Should Learn Web Development with Reasons and How to Learn

Why Every SEO Specialist Should Learn Web Development with Reasons and How to Learn

Web Development
I have told many times that if you want to be more successful in the online world, you have to learn a lot other than SEO.

It includes web development — basic rules of color psychology, the art of people persuasion, graphic designing, photography roles, appealing writing, copy writing and much more.

But the main skill, the SEO — Specialist must have is the web development, the front end is recommended — otherwise you can learn back end or full stack development.

Why Am I Saying this?

It has a couple of reasons, some are the followings:

1. You will have a better understanding of Technical SEO as when it comes to server problems like 4xx, in case your site is hacked, make changes to theme etc.

2. You will be able to work on keywords that only a developer can make the dreams come true.

For example, you’ve found a keyword Fake Name Generator having 200,000 searches per month as per Keyword — Everywhere, and this website gets 4 million traffic as per SimilarWeb, and has no competition because no body has built such a site because only a developer can make who has some SEO knowledge.

Because – i have told you many times, everyday 5 to 7 billion searches are performed via Google, among them 10 to 20% are those keywords on which people find no answer, but a lot of people are searching.

The same theory can be applied when you are going to be an entrepreneur — and the same goes for newly tools being built like SEO Tools, Image Resizer, Urdu Text Online Poster Maker (hasn’t built yet), Info graphics Online Maker, Cool Name Generator, and Word counter . net is my favorite.

3. You will be able to earn a lot as it’s the 2nd hottest field in the world where you will get a job for sure. As it is expected that after 5 years, the world will be crying for finding a good developer in a huge number.

By the way, I haven’t become a good developer as I am learning from Udacity and from other sites right now.
Learning — Web Development needs a lot of patience and hell of practice. So, learn your nature either you may fit or not.

Watch this video and learn web development step by step.

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Updated: August 29, 2017 — 1:07 pm