Venezuela and Colombia Open Border Crossing Points

Venezuela and Colombia Open Border Crossing Points for the pedestrians on Saturday which is for the first time in about a year. The provisional border crossing points were opened as part of a progressive reopening which was agreed this week. A total of five crossing points were opened at 0600 local time (1000 GMT) in the Venezuelan towns of Zulia, Tachira, Apure and Amazonas.

Venezuela and Colombia Open Border Crossing Points

Venezuela and Colombia Open Border Crossing Points

The Flow of Pedestrians:

Three temporary border openings were opened last month through which nearly 150,000 Venezuelans who were suffering from the severe economic crisis of their country had come. They poured into Colombia for purchasing medicines, food and other basics. But the number of people crossing the border opening across the Simon Bolivar Bridge from Tachira to the Colombian city of Cucuta this Saturday was pretty less in the beginning but as the day wore on, the lines became longer.

Agreement Between Two Governments:

The governments of Venezuela and Columbia had agreed over facilitating the fastest possible movement of people but in a controlled fashion. The agreement was signed on Thursday between the two presidents, Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela and Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia according to which the border shall be opened for 15 hours a day. Maduro had ordered that the border be closed in August 2015 after an armed attack on a Venezuelan military patrol, leaving three soldiers wounded. The blame was placed on Colombian paramilitaries.

Fuel Smuggling:

However, the agreement that has been signed also called for an exchange of the customs information to help stem fuel smuggling. The border of Venezuela and Columbia is 2,200-kilometer long. It has been plagued by drug and contraband smuggling which is yet another reason why Maduro had cited for the closing last year.

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