Type For Your Life

About Game: Type For Your Life is about a Typing Game. You need to type to save your game player life. You will see different words on the bottom of game, you need to type them to save your player’s life. When you have complete the word you need to press space to jump your player one stair up. If you will type word wrong your player will down quickly and if you type wronge word again and again, your player will die and your game will over. So, type your word correctly to become top scorrer in this game. hope you will Play and enjoy this Game. Play the best Games on Fun92.Com.Pk. i hope you wil like this game, enjoy this game and share you friend, share facebook & twitter and other your friends.
How to Play this game You should be wait to load the game, then click on Play button and start typing. Type word that you will see on the bottom of game, when you will complete your word, Press Space Bar to get new word and up your player and score.

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