Top Sliding Puzzle Game to Improve your Cognitive Skills

Top Sliding Puzzle Game to Improve your Cognitive Skills.

Top Sliding Puzzle Game to Improve your Cognitive Skills.

“Cognitive skillsare brain-based skills we need, to carry out any task from the simplest to the most complex.” Our cognitive abilities demonstrate these brain functions including perception, attention, memory, motor skills and executive functions. With time our brain gets lazy. Repeating tasks on a daily basis prevents us from learning new skills. If various brain functions are carried out in order to learn new skills, regardless of age, the brain will learn these abilities. To exercise such inactive parts of the brain, numerous games are available online.

One such game is Rock the Ball. It is a new sliding puzzle with hundreds of exciting levels to play. This game has a number of blocks which need to be moved to create a pathway for the ball to travel. Few of these blocks are fixed while others are moveable. The goal of this game is to unblock the pathway within the fewest possible moves. This is the biggest brain challenge of Rock the Ball.

Another important feature which makes it a brain teaser is that as the game progresses the difficulty level increases. As previously mentioned, cognitive skills help us to solve problems / puzzles from the simplest to the most complex. As players move from one level to another, the challenge helps to develop their cognitive abilities.

An important feature of this game is that it is a Match – 3 Puzzle, which means that it is easy to learn but hard to master. This will definitely assist you to exercise your brain to its utmost level.

Do not think that Rock the Ball limits users to learning only a handful of brain development skills. Rather you can learn and develop a variety of such abilities. Let’s look at these one by one.

  • Perception – your ability to utilize all of your senses.

Your senses of touch, hear and see are utilized while playing Rock the Ball. Appropriate attractive graphics appeal to the player, the sound is also suitable for the game and the players manipulate their movements by swiping their fingers. Hence it tends to develop your perception.


  • Attention – your ability to concentrate on a particular object or piece of data

The attention of the player is required to be on the silver ball. There are several obstacles and hurdles that need to be unblocked. Player’s concentration has to be on achieving this goal.


  • Memory – it implies the information stored in your memory as well as your ability to retrieve useful information at the right time

After playing several levels of this game, the player develops the above skills and acquires some expertise in playing it. The memory skills get sharpened and the next time you play a level, the memory recalls the learnt skills and tries to apply them in solving current puzzles and riddles. Plus, if users have made few moves which did not lead to the desired results, the memory is required to retain this information so as not to make the same mistake twice. In this way your memory is being exercised the entire time you’re playing this game.


  • Motor Skills – these are the movements carried out because of the simultaneous work between the brain and muscles

Rock the Ballbuilds sound motor skills. It prompts you to move the blocks with your fingers. While your brain is working the whole time sending you apt signals to move the right block for unblocking the correct path. This coordination develops motor skills.


  • Visual and Spatial Processing – this is how one concentrates on images and space in between objects

As it as a graphically loaded game, there are of course lots of objects involved such as the blocks, the ball, random objects, the score grid and other visuals. Space also plays an important role here. The developers have created this game with a significant amount of space and visuals in order to appeal to the players. This proper placement leads to increased concentration by the players.


  • Executive functions –these include flexibility, problem solving, decision makingand sequencing
    • Flexibility lets you move with much ease and dexterity from easier to difficult levels.
    • Problem solving helps you to identify the problem at hand i.e. to create a pathway for the ball, and to find a solution for this problem. Users may think of multiple methods to unblock the path. Choosing the right method with the least possible moves is the correct solution.
    • Decision making ability leads the players to make the right decision even when they are not fully aware of the consequences of each move.
    • Sequencing is all about prioritizing. Rock the Ball, because of its goal will help you to develop this skill to make the most important move first. Followed by further productive moves. It will help you to avoid making wasteful moves.

Have Fun to Build Cognitive Skills

Being all studious will not benefit you to develop your cognitive skills. Rather having fun is also imperative for this purpose. Download Rock the Ball today and check it out.

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