Top Five Employers of the United States of America

After around ten years, the job market has started to stabilize. Many job opportunities have been created for the workers. The workers now have numerous options to choose from. The question that arises in a situation like this is who is making the best offers to the workers.

Top Five Employers of the United States of America

Top Five Employers of the United States of America

Approximately, 20,000 American workers were asked that on a scale from 1-10 how would they rank their employer as compared to the other employers around the U.S. The top five employers of the U.S. were obtained from the results.

Following is list of the top five employers:


The results proved Google to be the number one employer of the U.S. Google is known to provide its employees a campus like environment to work in. Laszlo Bock, HR chief of Google talking to Forbes said that many visitors come to Google and introduce bean bags and lava lamps. He also said that it is very important to provide the employees a workplace they find comfort in as the competition for the best, most creative minds is very intense all around the globe.

Costco Wholesale:

Following Google, Costco Wholesale stands on the second rank in the U.S.A’s best employers. Costco is well-known for providing high wages to its employees which pays its employees 3% more than the market value. It is responsible for 195,000 employees.

Marathon Petroleum:

Marathon Petroleum stands on the first rank for chemical jobs, mining, oil, gas and is on the third, following Costco Wholesale, in the top employers of the U.S. The Marathon Petroleum has 29,865 employees.

The Container Store:

The Container Store pays its retail employees nearly twice the industry average. It has provided such an amazing offer to its employees that an average Container Store retail salesperson earns $50,000 annually. The Container Store also gives its employees annual raises up to 8% of their salaries. It has 4,089 employees.

L.L Bean:

Following The Container Store, L.L Bean, stands on the fifth rank of the U.S.A’s best employers. It has 9,000 employees.

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