Shocking E-Bills? Free Ways to Cut Electricity Costs

Shocking E-Bills? Free Ways to Cut Electricity Costs

I Believe These 8 Tips will cut down your bill up to 35% a year

1: Use dimmer

According to the US Department of Energy, Dimming your lights can save up to 20% in your electricity bill by reducing voltage. You can use Bluetooth controlled dimmer like the Leviton Bluetooth Dimmer that can be controlled by an app no matter wherever you are. Please Make Sure you are using bulbs that works with dimmer devices.

2: Install Motion Sensors

If there are children in your home, and even you don’t remember to off the lights frequently and worried of increasing electricity Bills? You are in desperate need of using motion detectors such as the Defiant Indoor 360 Degree Motion Sensing Socket. They’ll off the light when they don’t detect any movement and turns themselves on when they detect any movement in the room. Just Use LED instead of traditional light bulb to make it even cost saving. As per US Department of Energy people
using such devices are saving up to 30% of their previous electricity bills.

3: Unplug Standby Devices

As per US Energy Department the Electricity Used by Standby Devices are making up of about 10% or more of Your Monthly electricity Bill. It’s a misconception that standby devices don’t use much energy.
So, Just Turn off your gadgets and others deceives that works on standby function especially in nights to save some money for your holiday.

4: Get a programmable thermostat/Right Location

According to the Alliance to Save Energy, by Using Programmable Thermostat you can cut your electricity cost by 10% for cooling and heating devices. Don’t look at your old fashioned thermostat that is of no use now. You can check these gadgets like Nest, Ecobee or honeywell for your home. Please Make Sure to Place thermostat in the room that is used mostly for the family and do not place it near cold and hot place.

5: Use your dishwasher/Opt air-dry

And here come for ladies, for the 1st time the thing can save your hand skin and prevent you from washing your utensils. Yeah, I am right. According to the California Energy Commission, by using energy efficient dishwasher you can save 5,000 gallons of water/year and $40 in utility cost and please consider your time as well. Use air-dry option in the dishwasher so that you can save even more up to $70 a year.

6: Energy Efficient home Appliances

By using Energy Star Certified devices you can save up to $300 a year. Use new laundry machine, refrigerator, Dishwashers, iron and many other appliance of daily use.

7: Replace air filters monthly

Filters with dirt restrict airflow causing AC and Furnace System to use more electricity for running longer time as they are unable to give 100% of their capacity. Either you can wash your filters every month or its batter to change them after two month to get maximum of your devices with less energy consumption.

8: Use of Natural Lights

In the day time try to pull off the curtain from walls and let the bright light into your house. This light will make your house lightened and germ free as well. So in day time you don’t need to use artificial lights just use natural light.

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