Complete Seo Training Urdu Free Download PDF Book

Complete Seo Training Urdu Free Download Pdf Book

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” It is the process of optimizing the web in such a way that is being directed by Google and not violating Google algorithms in any respect.

The main Purpose of Seo is to deliver valuable, unique and useful information to the visitors but in return people visit your site again and again.

So the philosophy is really simple, Give value to the users and Google will return it to you in form of increasing visitors, and increase in visitors means increase in Earning. Google and Other Search engines will up your site in search queries.

SEO Ek Aisa Tareika hai Jis kay Zariye hum Google se apni website pe traffic la skte hain. jaise kay jab koi cheez search ki jaye google pe tu hamari site aa jaye. Website pe search engines se visitors le kay hum net se paise kama skte hain. jaisa kay Google Adsense program se.

When Search Engines start liking your Content, you will have many sources then to earn money from your site.

Main Source of earning from site is Adsense and its really very high paying network.

You can also promote CPA offers and sell your advertisement space.

Complete Seo Training Urdu Free Download Pdf Book

Complete Seo Training Urdu Free Download
Types of SEO:

There are always two aspect of everything, So in SEO.

White Hat Seo Means that do not deceive Google algorithms by using spamming and duplicate content.

In White Hat Seo You are doing everything step by step and in a legit way.

In Black Hat Seo Webmasters try to promote their site by illegal means like spamming and robotic link building, excessive book marking and many others.

If you want to earn long-term and sustainable source of income then always go for white Hat SEO for search engine optimization.

Seo Training in Urdu Free.

Here is a birds eye view:

White Hat SEO Black Hat SEO
Definition White hat SEO means follow the methods devise be Google to improve web ranking in a legit way.. Black Hat SEO emphasis on deceiving Google algorithms by manipulating the instructions given by Google.
Wholesomeness Level HIGH ZERO
Techniques Original, Unique and Useful Content development, Clean Structure of Website, Clean and User friendly programming, High PR Back Linking and SEO optimized theme. Some black hat SEO techniques include: Back-links spamming, keyword stuffing(Giving no value to user), cloaking, hidden text and links.
What to Expect Slow and Steady Wins, but lasting growth in rankings. Get Rankings in Short Time and Lose the same in no time.

There is another type of SEO Which is a mixture of White and Black hat Seo commonly known as Gray Hat Seo.

This Type of Search Engine Optimization Stands at the border of White and Black Hat SEO because only one step can Lead you towards Black Hat and hence Penalty from Google. SEO Training Urdu Free.

Gray hat search engine optimization is affordable as you are using a mixture of tools and effort. Because it gives you a little long lasting results in short time. SEO Training in Hindi and Urdu Free.

In the end We Will Suggest you to Follow the guidelines given by Google to avoid any risk.

Because When You Will follows the right way you will be success full all the time in every field of life.

SEO Training in Hindi and Urdu Free.

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