Revology Mustang Bring The 64 Replica

Revology Mustang

Revology Mustang Bring The 64 Replica

Revology, a company of Florida, went against the inclination of many companies. The companies which sell replica cars like Pontiac Fiero and Shelby Cobra kit cars at a very low price which is just a small fraction of the price of the original car.

Revology Would Sell Its Replica at a Thoroughbred Price:

Revology will soon start the selling of the replica of Ford Mustangs of 1964-1966. They plan on merging modern technology with authentic bodies and sell it for $119,500. The reason why this replica would be sold at such a thoroughbred price is that Revology would not just remake the 50 year old body but it has planned that the car would be classic if viewed from the body but it would contain a lot of modern technology. It would have all the characteristics of a modern performance car.

Classic Body, Modern Performing Car:

As recorded Ford sold nearly 1.3 million Mustangs in initial two years which makes them ‘not so rare’. Many parts of the replica are manufactured with so much authenticity that they can be interchangeably bolt on between the replica and the original thing. Talking about the interior the replica retains the window hand crank handles, which are to be pushed up and down, for the power windows. Many comforts have been updated in the replica which includes Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlamps, power seats and four wheel disc brakes.

Changes Made By Revology in 64 Mustang:

Though the body of the replica is classic, but under the body the Revology Mustang is powered by a 5 liters, V-8 engine but is paired with either an automatic or five-speed manual. Unlike the original Mustang, this replica would contain collapsible steering column, three-point seat belts and intrusion beams.

Revology Mustang Bring The 64 Replica

Revology Mustang was unveiled at the Amelia Island Concours.

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Updated: June 10, 2016 — 12:46 pm
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