3 Myths About Protein Powder That Aren’t True

3 Myths About Protein Powder That Aren't True

3 Myths About Protein Powder That Aren’t True

Protein powder has been around for a long time. Providing benefits for countless athletes, protein powder has developed a positive reputation within bodybuilder and weightlifting communities. At the same time, there has been a lot of negative press that lists supposed ‘issues’ with protein powder.

Often done to promote an alternative form of body building supplement, it can be challenging to figure out what claims are genuine and what claims are fabrications.

With that in mind?

let’s take a moment to review the literature and dispel some commonly held myths about protein powder.

1. Any Protein Will Act The Same So Why Even Bother?

This is a common myth that is often repeated. Simply put, not all proteins are created equally.

According to Supplement Express, each source of protein has a different absorption rate, will last a different amount of time, will release at a different point after consumption.

Protein powders like whey is fantastic because it not only provides a concentrated protein that your body requires, but it does so in a way that reduces potential waste.

You get exactly what you need, in a convenient solution, which can be next to impossible with protein from other food.

Protein Powder

2. Protein Powder Will Hurt Your Kidneys

This is another common myth born mostly from two different sources. The first is that too much of a good thing might be bad for you.

The second is the false assumption that protein powder reacts the same way to things like testosterone supplements. In neither case is it true.

Unless you are terminally, or near terminally ill with a Kidney related disease/disorder, your kidneys will be fine. In addition, you can reduce any risk at all, simply by drinking enough water.

3. Endurance Does Not Require Protein Powder

This is another unbelievable myth regarding protein powder. Simply put, some people believe that endurance athletes cannot benefit from protein powder.

The truth is, endurance runners, like any other person exercising, can dramatically benefit from having a source of nutrients that will help rebuild the damage done to their muscles.

So, if you like long distance running, a protein shake may just be the best thing for you.

3 Myths About Protein Powder That Aren't True

Are There More Myths That Have Been Busted?

The examples listed above are just the beginning of a whole host of myths and rumours that surround protein powders.

While these myths can be unfortunate and cloud the real benefits of protein powder, finding out what myths are false can give you a better sense of how protein powders will work for you.

The next time you hear a rumour about protein powders, take a moment to do a little bit of research before taking it seriously.

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