New Glitch in The IPhone 7

Galaxy Note 7

Phone “Galaxy Note 7” launched by the company , “Samsung” has raised the phone “iPhone 7” launched by “Apple”.

A sensation from the moment launchers,

Especially since things did not go;

So well did not achieve any of the two phones expected results by the two companies,

After the problem of burst batteries phone “Galaxy Note 7” during charging, and the problem of noise sounds that come from “iPhone 7”

When the phone running at full capacity;

But the problems did not stop there;

As he appeared during the last few hours a new flaw in devices “iPhone 7

iphone 7

Sky News

the “Sky News” news that a number of the pioneers of social networking sites complained of a defect in the “iPhone 7” lies in the inability of some users to cancel the flight mode “Airplane mode” and return to receive phone signals naturally, pointing out that when you activate the flight mode on any phone, cut off all telephone and radio communications between the device and the receiving stations, it is assumed that the communication back immediately cancel the flight mode which is used on board flights to avoid the impact of the routers in the aircraft.

Iphone 7

a user posted a video on the website “YouTube” compares the telephone “iPhone 6 S” and “iPhone 7”, and put the two phones on “flight mode” and then canceled directly on the two devices, this indicates video failure “iPhone 7” to return to the normal communication reception, while “iPhone 6 S” succeeded in restoring communications naturally.

9To5 MAC

According to a blog “9to5 Mac”, relevant news “Macintosh” technology, the company “Apple” and promised users who suffer from this disorder by replacing their phones, but the “Apple” has not made any official announcement on the recognition that the defect or on the replacement phones suffer from it.

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