Natural Remedies for Cold

Cold is the most common disease in men since many centuries and despite being so common, no proper cure has been discovered up till now.

There are a lot bizarre remedies of cold from the past centuries but none of these are actually effective. The data collected has shown that around 40 percent of time taken off work and millions of days of school missed by children each year is due to this very common cold.

Natural Remedies for Cold

Natural Remedies for Cold

Best cures for every disease are those that are natural. Here’s a list of foods that can help one get free from the annoying cold.

Zinc Rich Oysters:
Zinc Rich Oysters

The most common source of zinc through food for us is oysters. Why you need to know this?

Studies have been carried out to see what kind of affect zinc has on cold. Different studies put forward different results but one study that was published in The Cochrane Library Zinc, stated that zinc helps reduce the duration of the illness and also reduces the severity of the cold. Therefore, if one needs to escape the severe flu, oysters are what they need.

Hot Chicken Soup is all You Need:
Hot Chicken Soup

Chicken breast and chicken broth contain a compound called carnosine. What this compound does is that it helps the immune system fight against flu or flu-like symptom by preventing inflammatory nitric oxide cells from being released.

Therefore, if someone suggests you to have some chicken soup when suffering from cold, you might want to listen and obey it as chicken soup really does help cure cold.


A very powerful and effective cure for cold and flu is the kiwifruit. Published in the British Journal of Nutrition, a research stated that consuming kiwifruit during cold reduces the time duration of the illness and also helps relieving cold symptoms.

The study had 132 adults under observation. Half of these adults were put on a daily diet of 4 gold kiwifruit while the others were asked to make at least two bananas a part of their diet. At the end of the study the result was that the kiwi eaters sore throats were cured three days earlier and head congestion resolved almost four days earlier than those who made bananas the part of their diets.

Yogurt: Best Probiotic Food

A research was held which made 200 sleep-deprived, stressed-out college kids living in cramped quarters the focus of the research. The research was too see how the consumption of probiotic supplements affect the cold symptoms.

The results showed that the group of students that were on pills missed school more than those who consumed probiotic supplements. And the severity of the cold in the students consuming probiotic supplements was lower by 34% as compared to those of group of placebo.

Yogurt is the best example of probiotic foods. Therefore, when suffering from cold, increase the consumption of yogurt to make the time easier for yourself.

Other natural remedies for curing cold are almonds. And for best results consume almonds along with their skin. To cure your cough have a spoonful of honey and you are good to go and another natural cure for cold is garlic.

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Updated: April 7, 2019 — 7:58 am