Microsoft Announces its Beast Xbox

The E3 press conference took place on 13th June, 2016. In this conference Microsoft revealed something that was big and very exciting. No one was really sure that the company will make this announcement or not but its “one more thing” was not just a minor announcement.

Microsoft Announces its Beast Xbox

Microsoft Announces its Beast Xbox

Microsoft’s E3 presser was just about to be concluded but it was not just the end. Company’s head, Phil Spencer dropped the bomb at the last minute. It was a very eagerly awaited explosion without doubts.

On 13th June, Microsoft gave the gamers the glad tidings of its new Xbox. Yes crazy gamers, it is official. Microsoft has announced about its next Xbox that will be no less than a beast.

Here is what the new Xbox will contain

8 CPU core console, memory bandwidth of 320 GB per second and a GPU power of 6 teraflops. Woaw! Just so you know the GPU power that the PlayStation 4 boasts is 1.84 teraflops, while the Xbox One has just 1.31. Why wouldn’t we refer to this as a beast? It’s not just as that are praising the amazing specs, the other bigwigs of the industry are also praising it by saying that no other gaming console has such powerful graphics processor, no one has ever seen this type of quality pixels, ever and they also referred to this as the “We heard you” console.

Phil Spencer himself called this new Xbox a monster. He further added that this Xbox is designed to truly facilitate the 4K resolution gaming. According to Spencer all future games can be played on all three Xbox consoles.

This ( Microsoft Announces its Beast Xbox) Xbox will come in the markets hopefully next year. Phil said that the reason for their early announcement is to give developers and partners time to take advantage of the capability now.

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