Mark Zuckerberg Laptop Camera is Covered! Why?

Social Media chatters have got a new point to discuss that has revealed an uncommon security sealant by high profile guy, Mark Zuckerberg. Covering all types of apertures that can be safe path any time for hackers have been monitored deeply by security analysts of Facebook. An observer who delved deep in an image shared by mark Zuckerberg after bearing palm of getting 500 million active users of Instagram, one of the Twitter user observed that camera of laptop available behind him was covered with sticky tape. This news might become thought provoking concern for sharp observers and hackers because they will have to change their way to penetrate the secrets.

Mark Zuckerberg Laptop Camera is Covered

Mark Zuckerberg Laptop Camera is Covered
Not only camera of laptop but microphone jack was also looked wrapped up in that image, it may all to protect the devices from reach of hackers using any remote access by ratters. Most of the chatters think it as paranoia but it is good preventive measure near security experts because hackers have been striving more for breaking in to high profile accounts.

It is also perceived that Mark Zuckerberg has been advised keeping more security measures after hacking of his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts became hot news. It is more than critical to perceive the plans and missions of hacker and what type of data they are lookin for, so security parameters must be strengthen enough to ensure the infallible security.

It’s would be amzing to mass that Zuckerberg is not only high profile target that looks deeply conscious about hacking but others are also seem acute thinking about making maximum security of their data that some times look very funny, one of the examples among them is taping the camera.

This amazing news started floating after Mark Zuckerberg shared his picture showing his celebration of getting 500 million users at instagram, and taping of camera at Macbook was observed by keen ones. Very few chatters might have got a new idea to keep privacy strong after looking Mark’s consciousness to his secrets. Now other technology kingpins must also adopt this practice in order to keep safe.

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Updated: June 28, 2016 — 4:01 pm