Write A Killer Meta Description To Increase Higher CTR

Killer Meta Description

What is a meta description?

Meta description is a short snippet shown in below the URL in Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

How To Write A Killer Meta Description To Increase Higher CTR

Words that matched the user query get pulled out in bold.

You write a post/article within 1500-2000 words but search engine can’t be shown the long words, they prefer 140-150 words snippet which define your full post.

How To Write A Killer Meta Description To Increase Higher CTR


Many bloggers don’t know about meta description & forget to write it.

For this reasons, blogger loose their Click Through rate(CTR). Meta description is not important in search engine ranking.

HTML of meta description

<meta name=”description” content=”Add your meta description”>

Where I Write A Meta Description On My Page

If you are a familiar with WordPress then you have to install Yoast SEO. Then go to post page.

Below of the post where you find edit snippet option.

After clicking edit snippet option & new page open where you find meta description box.

Write meta description clearly. When green signal shows it means meta description are good, but more than 150 words it will show brown that means meta tag are not proper.

Write A Killer Meta Description To Increase Higher CTR

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After adding meta description click to close sinnet editor.

  • How To Write A Killer Meta Description
  • The Meta Description Should Be Unique
  • Maximum Length Of Meta Description is 150 Characters

Meta description can be any length. There are many search engines shows meta tags but most of them cut off your meta description after 150 words.After 150 characters Google uses ellipses(…)


It’s best to keep meta description between 150-155 words including space.

Add Title Keywords In Meta Description

When you have keywords in your meta description which match the search query, Google will bold those words.

This helps your listing stand out in the SERPs and also helps show searchers that they’ve found the right page. Add keywords in the meta description.

Write Call To Action:

One of the most importing points, when you write meta description, adds the call to action such as “learn more”,”click here”,”click for result”,”grab”,”discover” etc. By this call to action words,the reader clicks on your link which increases your CTR.

Beware From Duplicate Meta Description & Same Words

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