Increasing Air Pollution: A Warning!

Increasing Air Pollution

Increasing Air Pollution

A report by MPs states that new educational institutes, hospitals, care homes should be built far away from the major busy roads as to avoid air pollution.

Air Pollution Causing Deaths:

The Environmental Audit Committee referred to air pollution as public health crises. It says that it causes as many deaths as smoking. And to reduce the emissions it proposed a scrappage scheme for diesel cars. Due to air pollution, the death toll in the UK, reaches to 29,000 annually. A lecturer in respiratory toxicology at King’s College London, Dr. Ian Mudway, explained to BBC that the figure of 29,000 is very solid and some kind of action needs to be taken.

Dangers Of Increasing Air Pollution:

Nitrogen dioxide causes infection in the airways, reduce lung function and aggravate asthma. Carbon, tiny invisible specks of mineral dust and other chemicals cause cancer as well as heart and lung diseases. Some tiny particles enter the lungs, the finest particles can even enter the bloodstream, damaging major organs of the human body.

Measures Suggested to Overcome the Pressing Issue:

The committee chairwoman, Joan Wolley, warned about the public health crises in terms of poor air quality, BBC notified. She also discouraged the idea of building schools and home cares in pollution hotspots. The committee said that the traffic is responsible for the emission of 42% Carbon monoxide, 46% Nitrogen oxides and 26% particulate matter pollution. They suggested the government to pay for diesel drivers to upgrade their engines as diesel is the most significant driver of air pollution.

A national plan for low emission zones to tackle heavily polluting vehicles. The BBC and Met Office to produce high pollution forecasts alongside ones for pollen and UV. To provide financial incentives for alternative fuels. Discourage the use of motor vehicles and encourage the citizens for walking and cycling. The British Lung Foundation said that the recommendations may seem dire but the air pollution is such an important issue, those were necessary to protect the health of the nation.

Governments Efforts To Improve Air Quality:

The charity’s chief executive, Dr Penny Woods, said that the dirty air will not clean itself. Without the government’s intervention this issue will continue to harm the current and future generations.
Campaigners said that the government was ignoring the issue of air pollution, contradictory to the campaigners’ statement the government notified that they were investing heavily in clean air. A government spokesperson also added that there would be a full response to the report in the future and said that clean air is very important for people’s health. Air quality has been improved in recent decades. They are investing heavily in measures across government to continue this, committing £2 billion since 2011 in green transport initiatives.

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