IceCream Screen Recorder 4.98 Free Download

IceCream Screen Recorder is a multi-purpose tool with which,

in addition to making screenshots,

we can make recordings of everything that happens on the screen of our computer.

The screenshots are fully customizable,

with the option of capturing the entire screen or just a part of it.

As it allows us to draw on the selected area, we have at our disposal endless editing options for annotations or marks in real time,

so it is an ideal tool for video tutorials.

As for video recording, IceCream Screen Recorder is able to work with any program or tool allowing us to make recordings of games, video conferences or, in short, to record in video any application or process.

The recordings will be automatically saved in the history and your keyboard shortcut will leave us free to control the pauses that we want to make in our video.

IceCream Screen Recorder

Download IceCream Screen Recorder for Free


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