How To Hide Facebook Friends List From Everyone

About Trick: How To Hide Facebook Friends List From Everyone, Facebook is the world largest social networking site where people meet million of people and contact with them. Facebook allow you to choose your Facebook friend’s visibility on three different privacy options.
Public: If you choose the Public privacy option then any one can see your friend list.

Friends: if you choose friends option then everyone who is your friend on Facebook can see your Friends list.

Only Me: if you choose only me option then only you can see your friend list.
How To Hide Facebook

  • You Can Follow The Below Steps To Change Your Privacy Settings On Facebook

First you can login to your facebook account, and then go to Click Your Friends.
click friends

  • And Now You Can Now choose Manageand then select Edit Privacy

Edit Privacy

  • Now you can see Edit privacy will pop-up. Then from the drop-down list change who can see your friends list.

friend list

  • After doing that close the window, and the settings will be Automatically saved.
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