Hidden Food Treasures You Must Know

Hidden Food Treasures You Must Know

Trying new things is not liked by many. When it comes to food many stick to what they have been eating for a long time. But there’s so much more to eat then the usual food. The stores from where you buy your groceries from are not just grocery stores; they’re a frontier of hidden treasures. The place is filled with untried food items and new flavors that you have to try.
Let’s take a look at the list of foods that you haven’t tried and they’re extremely nutritious and healthy.


Amaranth, a seed with nutty taste, is a homegrown seed for the Americans. No grains can match the level of Amaranth’s nutritiousness. It contains high fiber and proteins, it even has vitamins. Amaranth is known to be beneficial for blood pressure and lowering LDL Cholesterol. It is way more versatile then rice. It can be used in salads or it can even be tossed with grilled vegetables to serve with chicken and steaks.

Pu-erh Tea:

This is a Chinese tea which is known for shrinking the size of your fat cells. The researchers in China found out that Pu-erh tea helps in lowering the triglyceride concentration in one’s body. It is a natural fat-blaster.


It is commonly used in dishes originated from India. It is a curry scented tangy herb. It helps in regulating blood sugar. According to the scientists, Fenugreek delays stomach emptying. It lowers the rate at which carbohydrate is absorbed thus increasing insulin sensitivity. Almost all curry powders have fenugreek added in them. it adds an Indian flavor to your dish.

Golden Berries:

It is a native of South America. Here it is sold fresh and made into preserves. These berries are tangy and yellow in colour. Single serving of golden berries contain 5 gm of fiber and 4 gm proteins. They also contain a significant amount of vitamin A and antioxidants that counter attack diseases. Dried berries can be consumed alone or you can also add them into salads or even your breakfast cereals.

Aronia Berry:

Aronia berry also known as Chokeberry is referred as a miracle fruit by the Americans. The deep purple colour of the berries is due to the high amount of counter cancer antioxidants. It protects one from cardiovascular diseases, liver damage and chronic inflammation. Oki is a juice blend that has considerable amount of Aronia in it. The sharp taste of Aronia is balanced with perfect amount of sugar. Therefore to avail the advantages of Aronia berry one can drink one bottle of Oki.


Even though Sunchokes have no relation with Israel or artichokes, they are called Jerusalem Artichokes. They resemble gnarled potatoes and have a nutty, sweet taste. They help in boosting immunity. You can replace potatoes and make French fries using sunchokes.

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Updated: October 27, 2018 — 8:50 am