Google Says “Goodbye Passwords”

One thing we all can agree to is that passwords make our lives difficult. Saying that passwords are useless would be incorrect as it has saved a lot of data from the people who misuse it. but remembering passwords and entering it is a pain juggle.
Google Says, Goodbye Passwords

Google Says, “Goodbye Passwords”

In many cases passwords have not played the role properly, that is to provide security of the user from malicious cracking.

TeleSign, a cyber security firm, held a survey. According to their survey it was found that many people do not even bother to change their passwords for 10 years. This is because remembering passwords is difficult. Around 21% of the people use passwords that are 10 years old and 73% of the people use duplicated passwords.

This is the reason why major companies like twitter, Microsoft with the approval from the White House have started working over ambitious plans to kill the password.

Google is trying to abandon passwords completely. It has been recently testing a system that is password free and depends upon the smartphone for authentication, says a Reddit user.

Rp1225, a Reddit thread, reported that it received an email from Google. it was an invitation to test its new password free login system smartphone based sign in. this new system depends entirely on the smartphone’s location data and security settings, freeing the user from remembering long passwords.

Let’s talk about how the new password free login system by Google works.

Properly enroll in the program, accept the invite by Google for a private google group. Select a compatible phone; enable a screen lock on the selected phone. Whenever the users sign in on the web, a prompt would appear on their smartphone. Password is no longer needed to sign in.

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Work is still being done on the program. Even after launching this program, the password system will not be entirely removed. Users can still use their passwords to log in on the web. Option to enroll a new phone or to opt out of the program are also available for its users.

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