Google News Approval (The Only Guide You Need)

Google News Approval

Hey are you struggling to get more exposure and traffic!

Getting yourself off at the middle?

But no more, today we will discuss on a particular topic which will surely help u 2x,3x or say 4x your website traffic.

Sounds Interesting Right?

Now am sure you are excited to find out how can you get immense traffic to your blog and make your living out of it.

So, today in this article we will discuss

“How To Get a Website Approved and Listed in Google News Approval”.

Believe me it’s damn easy if you just follow the step listed in this article.

Google News

Why Only Google News Approval Not Anything Else?

The answer is simple.

There are many humans out there who can provide thousands or millions of traffic just with few $$$ then question rises why?

shall I choose Google News?

Ok let me tell you have you ever imagine how these fellows people provide you millions of traffic in just a day or two!

Is it really possible to provide that much traffic within 1 or 2 days to a website which say hardly get maximum 1k-5k traffic per month?

No, it’s impossible to do so!

They provide this traffic through various software and bots which harms your website to the extreme level and increase the chance of getting penalized.

So, why shall you take risk when you can get the same traffic for free by just focusing a bit more on your website/blog!

This all can be achieved once your Website is approved by Google News.

In the past few days Google News was made it’s mark drastically.

Previously there was only few publisher on “Google News” but now the scenario is not the same like before.

Competition increased nowadays to such a extent that hardwork only are getting paid off whereas other bullshits are still under the ocean trying to make their way out but can’t due to their laziness.

Therefore previously getting approve on Google News was simple as a cup of coffee but not any more.

Due to huge application which are getting submitted into Google News Approval , it has made some strict rules and policies for getting approval.

Now below we will discuss how can you get your sites listed on Google News Approval.

Quality Content which we also call as King!

Be sure to read this point at least two times because this is the first and the most important step towards getting Approval in Google News.

It’s pretty true that websites trying to get Google News approval much produce time & accurate reports on important, relevant, interesting and catchy matters.

You must be sure that the article for which you write must be in press release format which appears like a News Story.

The type of article/post which you should always avoid is on

How-to, Event announcement, job alert and etc that fall nearly or on this categories.

Because this will not be consider as new in the eye of Google.

But even if you do try to exclude it from the sitemap.

4 Pages You Must Have

Google News Pages Approval

Before applying be sure to add four important page:

  1. About Us
  2. Terms and Condition
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Author Page

And make sure to add all Author’s Bio in the About Us page.

Must Have More Than 3 Authors

Google News Approval Authors
This is quite obvious that the website which you are submitting for Google News Approval must have 10 or more Post Every Single Day and which is impossible for one author to execute.

So, make sure you make enough writers to do 10+ Post every day.

Author Bio On Each Post

Author Bio On Each Post
Though this step is not mandatory but it increases the chances of approval as having an Author Bio after each and every post makes it looks more realistic.

Your article must be divided into Proper Categories and have proper Tags

Category And Tags: Your article must be divided into Proper Categories and have proper Tags
As you see in Newspaper that all the News are not mixed together in a dirty manner rather they are well categorized in to various section for better reader experience.

Same goes with our Website too, you must arrange your post into matched categories for better reader experience and also mainly as Google will ask

You for different sections like Headlines, Technology, Entertainment, Current Updates and etc while you will apply for Google News.

Grammar, one of the most vital factor

Always remember that your application will be reviewed manually by someone from Google News team.

They will verify the complete website to the most minutely possible.

So, you can now understand that even if you have fulfilled all the guidelines stills your site can be rejected if it lacks proper Grammar formatting and its uses.

Article links

Google News Approval URL

The Google Crawler will filter your site for HTML links.

These connections need to have proper anchor texts with no less than three words.

Always try to avoid utilizing JavaScript or Graphic links because Google won’t be able to understand or fetch it and crawl them.

Also you should avoid links utilized in frames, which can’t be crawled by crawlers.

Google News Sitemap and Proper News Keyword Tags

The Google News sitemap is bit different from other sitemap that you generally use for your blogs and all.

A Google News sitemap will have only 1000 URLs indexed at a time.

Don’t skip this step because many do the mistake of not creating Google News Sitemap.

Google mainly want you to define the content type, name of your publication, language, access, genre, publication date( W3C format), title, keyword, etc.

The Google News sitemap is a great way to further segment your news content.

Beside, you also need one more additional tag called news_keywords tag, however this step is not a mandatory one but why shall you not do if it increase chances of approval.

Always use Robot.txt or Meta Tags

If you do this step it will surely increase the chances of approval as Google uses web robots to index the content on web site,

So your website content must be able to be crawled and indexed.

For this you can make utilize of robot.txt file, which Utilize the Robots Exclusion Standard to Ensure that the news stories are accessible by these search engine crawlers.

Make use of the all new Standout Tag

Google recently introduced Standout Tag to use if you or your team published an extraordinary Content (News Story).

You can use this tags on Self-publishing articles or citing third-party original sources.

Note: If you are using Standout Tag avoid using it more than 7 times in a calendar week.

Use SEO And User-friendly Template

Use SEO & User-friendly Template

Always remember this quote that

“first impression is the last impression”

So use a user friendly template to provide reader the best experience.

Always well optimize your website and make it catchy and simple.

Or you can follow some popular sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, Search Engine Land and so on…!

Now above I have listed all the guidelines.

Now it depends on you if you properly follow all the steps listed above and execute them, then am pretty sure your application will not be Rejected.

I know that the above guidelines are bit hard to execute but believe me if once you can make your website approved to Google News then surely you will see an amazing rise in traffic graph of your site.

Even after this if your site is rejected wait 90 days and meanwhile post more article fully related to News and re-apply.

So, I hope that I am pretty clear to you on how to get your sites approved on “Google News” . Though its not easy but not impossible as well.

Now its feedback and queries time!

If you have any problem related this topic do leave a comment below and I will try to respond to you as fast as possible. Also, let me know if I have missed any point which you think should be listed above

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