Google Introduces Find My Phone Feature

Our mobile phones are the most personal thing we own. We store our personal data in our phones like text messages from our loved ones, photographs, documents, emails and what not. We know the data is safe as long as the mobile phones are in our possession. The security and our privacy are at stake when mobile phones are lost or stolen. That is when our privacy is susceptible to being misused.

Google Introduces Find My Phone Feature

Find My Phone

When our mobile phone goes missing, we do not know where to search for it or how to search for it. When its stolen, there is no way we can bring the data stored in the device back in safe hands. However, it looks like Google was smart enough to know our concerns and has therefore, introduced a feature Find My Phone.

Google Find My Phone:

When the users entrust their data to Google, Google feels obliged to take responsibility and fulfil all the claims it makes to its customers. With this new feature, the users can locate and trace their phone very easily as long as they are logged in to their Google account. The feature, “Find My Phone” is accessible from My Account tab. With some simple and quick steps, you get to know where your phone is.

Options that Find My Phone Gives:

Find My Phone gives the users two options which are, Ring it and Locate it. The user can select the option Ring it when they know the phone is somewhere near but out of sight. Google would call on your phone and they make the phone ring at the highest volume so that you know where exactly you left it. the option locate it would be helpful when the user has left his phone somewhere or is stolen. In case it is not stolen, the user can go to the traced location and retrieve their phone nut if it is stolen, Google gives further options. It asks you to either lock your phone or asks you to erase your device. This way, you phone gets locked the person who has stolen it cannot gain access to it. if you decide to erase all the stored data, it would not go in the hands of the stealer even if they manage to break into your phone.

Quick Access:

Google would allow the users to access this feature even more quickly in some time. All the user would be required to do would be type in “I lost my phone” in the Google search engine and he will be directed to all the options described above. This feature is available for all Android devices.

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