How You Can Get More Traffic by Following This Simple One Tip

How You Can Get More Traffic by Following This Simple One Tip

Get More Traffic

It’s the tip ignored by many, But it is as simple as it can help to grow your traffic, but I don’t know why people don’t make use of it – perhaps we have become too lazy 😛

Perhaps — these are the people who read articles — but don’t take practical steps.

You just have to go to Google Console — and then Search Analytic.

You check to check the following as shown in the above picture:

  1. Impressions—
  2. Positions—
  3. Queries—
  4. Click—

Now the game begins.

You have to find the queries (queries wo han jo people likhty han Google main i.e., keywords) that have the most impressions, but a few clicks.

Impressions — wo han jab people wo keywords likhty han, aur unko apka article show hota hai jis main wo keyword hota hai Google main, Google takes it an impression)

Now, you have to check the keywords with positions too. I have a keyword having position 6.7, 16206 impressions, and 214 clicks.

Here is what I can do improve to get more traffic:

1. I can change title, meta description, and improve the content of the page so that all the people who come to my site stay longer.

The longer — they stay, the more it improves ranking. It has been proved according to the SEMRUSH Ranking Factors 2017.

2. I can get backlinks — in the form of social signals (no-follow) of Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and guest posts. The more I get backlinks, the better ranking I can get.

3. I can use interlinking methods to improve its ranking. It has further two ways:

a) I can write more articles based on that keyword to interlink.

b) Find the pages that get more traffic on my site and are already ranked, and I link that article in my already ranked article with good title so that people click, and it will improve ranking.

Note: Don’t forget to index again with Fetch and Index in Google Console after making changes.

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So, it means you will improve the ranking of already existing articles, but Google Console — shows more than 1000 keywords,

Do you know?

Now you have to download the keywords in Microsoft Excel — file or Google Spreadsheet, and open with it.

Now look for the keywords that are ranking above 5 or 10. Take that keywords, check their search volume, then try to write an epic article based on that keyword and rank.

It means your article — is already ranking for 11th positions, you need little efforts to make its ranking better by writing articles, getting backlinks, or interlink.

You will no need to find keywords because Google Console — is giving you a list of 1000 keywords.

I know you will say Bhai Ye Kya Method Howa 🙁

But you need to take practical steps.

If you just think that traffic increase is only possible with backlinks, promoting, new articles, then you’re wrong.

There are many others way, you just have to take steps and think beyond your four walls.

I hope it will help.

There are many other ways too; you can use your brain, for example, improving your site theme, speed, UX, UI, readability, and LSI keyword usage etc.

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Updated: August 15, 2017 — 2:10 pm