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The expansion of the internet and the availability of the services of the net in almost every nook and corner of the word is an added advantage for the people who are looking out for new options in education and businesses, which are coming up almost daily. This expansion has brought out a new class of people, who are adept at earning their livelihood through the net. They are the freelance content writers. Freelance content writers are the people who firstly have a passion for creative writing and secondly they have time in their hands as well as the quick accessibility to internet. There are millions of people all over the globe, who are not bestowed with either enough time or writing skills, but are in need of someone who can fill up both these criteria. As the information is available freely on the net, all it takes for a freelance Freelance content writer content writer is to actually surf the net and write out the information in their own style and then send it across to the person in need.

Freelance content writing work Finding opportunities on Contentmart

Freelance content writing work
Contentmart is a perfect point of intersection for both these types of people, the blog writers and the clients. This company, set up in India in 2015, is currently the biggest company in India, to offer exclusive content writing service to public. Thousands of people who are interested in earning money through their writing skills are registered with Contentmart. The registration with Contentmart itself is a long process, with mandatory tests being conducted on these prospective writers, by Contentmart, to check out the language proficiency.

Once the Indian freelance writers are registered, they are free to bid to the clients. If the client decides to get the freelance content writing work done through Contentmart, the client has to place the order with the company. Upon seeing the order, many qualified freelance writers can bid for it and the client has to select upon a writer, based on the work to be done, the time when it has to be completed and the amount to be paid. As soon as the writer is selected, the client has to transfer the fixed amount to the account of Contentmart, which is blocked till the final submission of the work.

Indian freelance writers

The content writer immediately starts working on the writing work and after it is done, the writer has to send it to Contentmart, which has a few codes built-in for verifying the originality and uniqueness of the work. After the company is satisfied, it is sent to the client. As soon as the client gives the green signal for the work, the blocked amount is transferred to the writer.

The best part of working through Contentmart is that the writers are given prompt payment and the clients are assured of original work.

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