Fred Evans Boxer Gets Into Jail

The Boxer of Olympics Fred Evans has been given to a jail term after punching a friend; at this the judge said he deserved the prison.

Fred Evan a 24 years guy, of Cardiff, he admitted the unlawfully wounding his friend Michael Wilson by breaking his jaw at the pub of Gloucestershire.

Fred Evan is the current Olympic silver medal holder at the welterweight; he was a runner up at the London Olympics in 2012.

It is interesting to know that on Thursday he was given a sentence of about 2years at the Gloucester court.
fred evans boxer gets into jail
At the court the judge was Jamie Tabor QC, he gave Fred Evan sentence of two-years after hearing the statement of a custodian, and this would be a very devastating to his career.

The judge also described this offence in October 2014, as an enigma.

While addressing to Fred Evan , Judge said to him that, why you lost your self-control on earth, and you punched your best ever friend and you also break his jaw, it seems to be unravel.

So I think there must have been an undercurrent in both of your relationships, that both of you not saying anything about itself. Judge said to Evan.

Judge said to Evan by remembering the discipline of life, that where you have in the boxing world, you should have to show much of dedication at this level also to show self-discipline and to self-control.

But one thing there is no any excuse in this now, for what you did, and you yourself deserve a sentence of prison,

Evans who was training for the next years games of Rio, he struck Mr. Wilson who is resident of Led bury, Herefordshire, when they were out at the Inn, in Redmarley, near the Newent , Gloucestershire.

It is very special to know that now how Mr. Wilson, about his health, the attack on Thursday put Mr. Wilson in the hospital about four days, and he lay on bed with a broken jaw.

The coach of boxer, Nigel Davis, he made impassioned appeal for him to be free from the jail term. To let the court free the boxer.

The coach told the court that he met him at the gym, and he saw them four there in the port Talbot, and that was a site of tourists site, and so that site is well known to everyone that the tourists use bare Knuckle fighting that they settle their disputes in this way.

But at the same time I saw the Fred evan Box, but I could not believe that what I saw there, there the kid was very special and after that I realised that he could have to become a World Champion.

As Mr. Fred Evan is the currently Olympic Champion, and as you know he also hold silver medal, in the Olympic Games held in London in 2012. Fred Evan should not have to be behaving such like that with his best friend. As he punched on his face and also the broken his jaw.

By doing this act, the court sentenced him for two years in jail. What he found after so many struggles by doing this act, of course the judge also reminded him not to behave like this in the public, and as the result you have to be punished by law.

There is no any state who freed its prisons, and also its super star heroes, law is law, and law shows equality for all, there is no one superior in the light of law, all are equal. No one should be inferior and also not to be superior in law. if You Dont Know About Fred Evens You can read on wikipedia

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