Foods Tagged As “Low Fat Food” Actually Makes You FAT

Low Fat Food

You might have the knowledge that fat free and low fat diet food are sometime loaded with chemical additives, salt and sugar.

Well, do you know that human body absorbs only healthy elements present in food and you feel extremely hungry even after eating a lot??

According to Keri Glassman, who is a dietitian by profession, when people notices the label and tag of low fat on the packaging they actually consume these foods more.

Such individuals consume more calories, sometime more than 28 calories.

According to the study conducted in Cornell University of brand and food lab, there is a huge list of healthy food that is not actually healthy.

Foods Tagged As "Low Fat Food" Actually Makes You FAT

Let check out few foods that aren’t giving you any more good health


Peanut butter gives you good fat and they are little repositories of fat.


The molecular cells size and protein concentration is increased by polyunsaturated fatty acids.


According to a study in Washington school of medicine located in the area of St.


Louis, the previous fats that are stored in human body’s unimportant tissues actually do not work effectively without fresh fat to turn on the pathways of fat burning present inside the liver.

The next food that we use to eat is Chips, due to the addition of extra salt, additives and carbs these chips really taste good. Manufacturers use salty stuff to recover the lost texture and taste of chips because of fat removal.


Most of the bags of containing low fat chips have 15 percent extra carbohydrates and 20 percent more sodium.


Cheese sounds so yummy that we can’t stop eating it. Mostly, people who are cheese lover hardly find the fat free or low fat cheese in stores.

The reason behind this is low fat in your slices, the lesser amount of cheese is involved.

Many processed cheeses are given the tag of cheese foods which means this cheese only contains 51 percent of actual cheese.

According to Glassman, the remaining in that cheese is emulsifiers, preservatives, additives and coloring.

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Updated: November 11, 2018 — 8:03 am