Fast Highway Racer Racing Moto Traffic 2016

Test your driving skills with these racing games


Are you into racing? Get the thrill of car driving and bike riding with these two games under review today. Fast Highway Racer developed by Standard Games Studio and Racing Moto Traffic 2016 created by Games Tree, are both sure to test your driving skills and keep you addicted for long. Let’s check them out in more detail.
Fast Highway Racer

Fast Highway Racer Racing Moto Traffic 2016



Brought to you by the creators of Bird Climb and Spider Square, Fast Highway Racer is a classical car racing game. The main scenario is a highway with different environments and the player has to drive their car here. Very simple left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen are used to change the direction of the car. This game tests your reflexes as one moves in either left or right direction to drive smoothly. Players keen on learning road sense should try this out.

On the way the player faces several hurdles and meets other cars coming by which they need to escape in order to avoid accidents. Swift turns on left or right need to be made by the driver in order to avoid smashing into the concrete or into another car.   Having an accident or collusion with stationary blocks placed on the highway or with other drivers causes the car to crash and the game ends. Players have the option to restart the game from the beginning. Scoring points happens by collecting the gold coins on the way. The game maintains a high score as well.

It is extremely user friendly. The graphics are bright and colorful. A realistic touch has been given to the highway environment by the developers. The scenario changes as players drive further down the highway. The sounds are quite apt and seem fitting to this driving game.

Racing Moto Traffic 2016



Games Tree already has a number of addictive and highly engaging games for you. Racing Moto Traffic 2016 is just another feather in their cap. This game is a bike riding adventure where the player is riding a racing bike. At the beginning the game gives you an option of four stages to choose from i.e. the desert, winter, city or the highway. According to your stage choice, the environment on the highway changes. Next, you need to select the game mode from the fuel, time trail and endless options. Then the game loads as per your preferences. Initially it takes a little time to understand the controls. It is recommended that you visit the help section which gives descriptions of each control. This is a completely realistic and 3D mode bike racing game. The use of the controls gives a real highway atmosphere. You need to twist and turn your device either phone or tablet, left and right to drive your bike. There are racing and brake controls on the screen to facilitate this real bike riding experience. With heavy two way traffic, in the form of trucks and cars, this game seems even more real. A much needed pause option is also available at the top of the screen. The score and high score is recorded in terms of the distance travelled.

The developers have put in a great effort into this game to make it completely realistic. And the graphics and sounds also make this experience more life like.

How to Choose between Fast Highway Racer and Racing Moto Traffic 2016?

While both games are racing and driving thrillers, Fast Highway Racer is a beginner game while Racing Moto Traffic 2016 is much more advanced.

If you are a beginner who wants to get a road sense with minimal controls, then Fast Highway Racer is the game for you. It has simple, easy to understand and maneuver controls. Also there are minimal options and it is completely basic. Moreover, the traffic in this game is also quite thin with just a few blocks placed on the road and usually one car coming along its way.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an advanced adventurous bike riding game genre, then go for Racing Moto Traffic 2016. This game has a realistic feel because of its detailed graphics and multiple controls. The options to customize your bike riding experience also give it a more life feel.

So take your pick and start driving.

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