See! How He Survived A Brave Prisoner Before His Execution By Daesh?

Daesh< Users of social networking sites trading in a video posted on the site "YouTube" shows a group of elements of the terrorist organization is believed to be "Daesh," They are marching three men to carry out the death penalty against them. Daesh

According to some commentators, the form of people and their garments and geography of the place suggest that the event in Afghanistan. Video which has been traded is not a depiction of the process of the execution of a routine for Daesh, but it holds a surprise summed up that one sentenced to death , managed to untie his registration, hit Aldaasha and took him to his weapon sudden and very rapid move confused Aldaasha and allowed the prisoner to shoot, even if the photographer execution shook the camera firmly in his hand and missed the details.

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Updated: September 21, 2016 — 1:35 pm
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