Exemption From Customs Personal Car For The Egyptians Living Abroad

Egyptian authorities plan to exempt personal car for Egyptians live abroad through customs with the granting of special incentives for those who buy local productive car.

Egyptians Living Abroad

Egyptians live abroad

Noble Madam, State Secretary for Migration and the affairs of Egyptians live abroad, during a meeting Tuesday with the committee formed by representatives of a several ministries to look at the possibility of applying the tax exemption for cars Egyptians when they stepped to the nation that he has discussed the organization controls that allow citizens to expatriates benefit from the exemption of personal car for private use of the customs, with a special other incentives for those offers of Egyptians live abroad to buy productive car locally, for a conversion deposit national banks commensurate with the CC.

she added that the Commission will continue to hold meetings, and intensify over the coming days with the concerned authorities, to study how to do the want of citizens abroad in owning a car without customs or taxes when entering Egyptian territory, and at the same time maintaining the national industry.

she drew the minister that their efforts come according to the number huge Egyptians requests abroad demanding during which the right to own a car without customs or taxes when entering Egyptian territory, demanding the Egyptian state by giving the right to expatriate after years of alienation have the car without customs or taxes to be a source of livelihood for him is not entitled to expatriate sold or waived.

It is noteworthy that the conversations for some time about the possibility of exempting cars Egyptians live abroad from customs for the deposit and deposit in foreign currency between 10 and 20 thousand dollars for the government with the central bank for 5 years without interest that recovers depositor value of the deposit after the end of the period. The Egyptian government is seeking to attracting Egyptians working abroad to invest their savings in Egypt, where he presented in March my dollar certificates, as well as offering housing units they paid for in dollars.

As Mahmoud said the form of the founder of a customs exemption every Egyptian expatriate campaign, said that a number of members of the House of Representatives, declared their solidarity and their consent exemption Egyptians live abroad from customs duties on cars owned by them and they brought from abroad, and predicted that the House of Representatives vote on a bill to exempt expatriates within 30 days only.

He stressed that all deputies welcomed when they found that the duty – free campaign project a national project serves the workers in Egypt and that the opening of new projects and working outside Egypt by reducing the economic crisis faced by the country due to a lack of hard currency, as it would renew the spirit of belonging and national Egyptian workers abroad.

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