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A fun adventure with a spicy touch

Summertime Saga is a picantona ‘visual novel’, in which we will control a young American student. The story begins when the father of our protagonist dies leaving an important debt to a group of mobsters.

Summertime Saga

Following this event, one of the most interesting summers of our character will begin.

The development of the adventure in Summertime Saga is not linear.

Players can visit different parts of the city in the order they want, interacting with lots of different characters. We can carry out up to three different events in a single day. After these events, we will have to go to sleep.

Our protagonist has a series of attributes, which we can improve little by little, as we participate in events.

For example:

We can improve the charisma by competing in rap battles with a classmate. In the same way, we can improve our physical attributes if we go to the gym and train with a friend.

One of the most interesting elements of Summertime Saga is that, as in almost all ‘visual novels’, we can maintain romances with lots of different characters.

And as mentioned above, the game has a spicy point.

Summertime Saga is an adventure with an entertaining story, which has a huge number of characters, and has a very good graphic section. Some of the scenes that we can star, yes, are somewhat risque.

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