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Imagine having one of the largest music catalogs at your disposal to listen to on your desktop or laptop.

Spotify is a well-known free application for online music playback via streaming that has been imposed against the competition over time and the use of millions of users around the world.


It has an immense catalog of music backed by the main labels and countless independent labels, all perfectly explorable thanks to its excellent search engine.

Another way to enjoy the catalog is using your radio classified by gender and date or subscribing to any of the thousands of playlists available both official and created by users around the world.

The program allows the creation of playlists, reproduction in random order, possibility of repeating the playlist, paused, showing the album covers and integration with ‘’.

In addition, despite being a streaming music playback service, Spotify allows you to listen to any song from a specific point and even offers the option to also play your local files from this same application.

One of the great advantages of Spotify in its latest versions is the use of applications and add-ons that offer the possibility of enjoying a complete experience when enjoying our favorite music catalog.

In addition, we will even have the option of creating personalized radios from a song or a playlist, which will guarantee that we will always enjoy songs adapted to our tastes.

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