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Simulation of a chemistry laboratory

ChemLab is a simulation program for a chemistry lab.

The most common equipment and procedures are used to simulate the necessary steps that are carried out in laboratory experiments. 

Each type of simulation is located in its own simulation module, so different laboratory equipment can be used with a single interface. 

ChemLab provides the following equipment items:

  • Balances,
  • Beaker,
  • Buchner funnel,
  • Bunsen burner,
  • Burette,
  • Calorimeter,
  • Conductivimeter,
  • Distillation equipment,
  • Reflux condenser,
  • Long neck spherical flask,
  • Electrochemical cell,
  • Erlenmeyer flask,
  • Porcelain capsule,
  • Dropper,
  • Spherical flask,
  • Test tube,
  • Plate Heater and Magnetic Stirrer,
  • pH meter,
  • Pipette,
  • Show Weight,
  • Stirring Rod,
  • Thermometer,
  • Watch Glass and Metallic Wire.


Download Model ChemLab Free

Download Model ChemLab Free
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