Download Firefox Focus 6.2 for Android

The safest browser in Firefox for Android is Firefox Focus

Download Firefox Focus 6.2 for Android

Firefox Focus is a browser developed by Firefox, whose main objective is to provide the safest browsing experience possible.

For this purpose, it does not include many of the usual features of modern browsers, such as bookmarks or tabs.

Of course you will not remember our passwords, nor will you store ‘cookies’, or anything like that.

Every time we navigate with Firefox Focus it will be as if we were browsing from a totally new application.

Firefox is a very light and very simple browser, which provides a totally secure browsing experience.

The browser will block all the crawlers of any web page and also will inform us of how many it has blocked.

In the configuration options, in addition, we can manage the blockers that we want to activate or deactivate.
Download Firefox Focus for Android

Also in the configuration options we can choose our preferred search engine or change the language.

Download Firefox Focus for Android


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