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Download Cam studio Free: Cam studio is a screen recording software that used to record your screen or make a re cored video. Its able to record your complete screen. Cam studio allowed you to edit your re-cored video to add title or water mark on your video. You can crop your recorded video with it. Cam studio recorded format is AVI u can convert it into others format using video converter software. Its allowed to pause and stop your recording. Cam studio record your video in a flash built in SWF, you can export it into AVI format to get live your video. You can create learning video, lecture videos to sell in the market and on internet. You can also edit your video and can highlight your important points using the brush tool. Its developer added video effect, that you can apply on video to get more better results. You have complete control on your output video, you can edit your video and can highlight your selection or curers points, clicking to highlight and every thing that you think important in your video. You can select custom output quality of your video depending on it, how much bigger or smaller video you want. Its all about video recording, if you also want to record your audio sound, cam-studio comes with high quality audio sound. You can record your audio voice using high quality codecs that are built in. Cam-studio has all these features and its easy and simple to use like a user friendly. hope you will like this video and share your friends.

About Software:

  • Version 2.7
  • Size 650kb
  • Free Download

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