Disk I/O Error Skype For Windows Desktop

Why, Do I Get An Disk I/O Error, When I Try To Sign in to Skype for Windows desktop?
Sometimes you may see the Disk I/O Error Message, When attempting to sign in to Skype.
Error Disk

  1. To Resolve This Problem, Make sure that you are using the latest version of Skype. However, if the same error happens again, choose your operating system from the list below and follow the steps.
  • Quit Skype. If you can see the Skype icon in the task-bar (at the bottom right of your screen), Right Click it and select quit. If you cannot see the Skype icon, use Task Manager to close Skype. Simply press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and click Start Task Manager. In the Applications tab, select Skype, then click End Task.
  • Click Start: Control Panel. From the menu bar, select Tools > Folder Options….
  • Click the View tab.
  • Under Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders and drives, then click OK.
    skype error
  • In Windows Explorer, navigate to: C:\Users\\App Data\Roaming\Skype (Where is your Windows user name).
  • Look for the folder with the same name as your Skype name and delete it. If you’re signing in with your Microsoft account, the folder will start with live#3.
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