Discover Atom Longboards Brands

Discover Atom Longboards Brands: A longboard is similar in appearance to a traditional skateboard, but is in fact far longer, (33-59 inches,) giving the rider the ability to move much faster due to the wheel size. There are several shapes to choose from, including swallowtails, drop-through decks, flat-nose riders, and ones which are the shape as a traditional skateboard. The mid-length longboards, ( between 37-50 inches,) give the most versatile riding experience.

Discover Atom Longboards Brands

Discover Atom Longboards Brands
The fact that longboards are heavier and more bulky may mean that they are less suitable for the usual skateboarding tricks, but they have a very enjoyable fluid motion and provide greater momentum. Longboards are most often used for downhill and slalom racing, as well as sliding.

Should you want to buy a longboard, price is not the only thing to take into consideration- you want good value, for sure, but you also want reliability and durability which may mean that the cheapest version is not always the best one to buy.

Guest longboards, made by made in Mars have been successful with both beginners and intermediates.

Quest’s slogan is a style, quality, and attitude are what defines their best longboard brands. And it would be true to say that they are both affordable and trusted longboards which are sure to delight many users.

However, they do have a few negative points to consider before you buy.

*Will appeal to a set market because of its slick appearance

*Lacks apparent flex,seen as a major setback.

*Best for beginners

* Could be upgraded with superior wheels and bearings.

Several other brands have also stood the best of time and one of the best value for money longbaords simply has to be the atom.

The atom Longboards started life in 2005 and they are a part of the massively popular colony sports group. Many delighted customers have repôrted that the atom is considered to be one of the best brands currently available and they are both affordable and durable.

If you are looking for aninexpensiveboard, costructed from some of the highest quality components, then an Atom longboard, such a s the pintail would be a great choice, Atom longboards are so confident in their quality, they are happy to offer a 30 day replacement guarantee, so you need not worry about manufacurer or craftsman defects.

Atom longboards are suitable for all categories of riding including simlple cruising to something a little more advanced, such as carving and hill bombing.

Plus points include:

  • The drop through design gives a low center of gravity, enhancing stability.
  • Comes with reserve King pin Configuration.
  • Although low, its uncommon deck design avoids the deck from suffering with wheel bite.
  • Great,affordable longboard for beginners
  • When the trucks are correctly tightening, The atom is good for both cruising and carving.
  • Available in a range of styles and colors and great price points

If you want to know how to buy atom longboards, their popularity means that a simple search will quickly take you to your chosen destination, Be sure to purchase from a trusted seller who has already served many satisfied customers and have good feedback to prove it.

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