Diet Comparison: Low Carb Vs. Low Fat

The discussion among fat and carbohydrates will keep on going as experts struggle with the standard of living of Americans in the light of obesity outbreak.

A group of dieticians, health journalists and doctors concentrate on the science of Nutrition and its effect on the health of America. That was an event of round table in which researchers tried to diminish the confusion among the two.

Diet Comparison: Low Carb Vs. Low Fat

During a discussion with Medical Daily, Lisa Ling the moderator and the host of CNN serial This is Life showed interest for learning what type of respected doctors panel had to discuss about the hot topic.

According to the American Heart Association, they thought that diet containing low fat was the diet that needs to follow. All the average bearers of benefit and truth for patients would notify the community what they were supposed to inform the patients.

Dr. Jonathan Sackner who is the CEO of medical company disclosed to the audience that patients would never end up performing that well, when they pursue to go with low fat diet.


Sackner Bernstein stated in a press release that, the research revealed an increased probability that limiting carbohydrates is greater to limiting fat and it is significant to consider less carbohydrate regulation when creating any recommendation for dietitian.

He further said that the surprising number of Americans going through obesity, our study revealed the positive implication of a diet containing low carbohydrate on health will confidently be in consideration when the Department of health in US finished their procedure of developing the dietary rules for 2015.

The national dietary rules since 1980 have played an important and powerful role in how billions of people in America feed their children, eat and maintain habits that are further transformed to the generations in future.

Recently, in the British Medical Journal shed light on the breakdown of most current set of rules and given emphasis on the committee’s posture on saturated fats.

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Updated: November 11, 2018 — 8:11 am